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Reuters - When, why and how small businesses turn to collection agencies.

The Ultimate Business Solution

If you're an entrepreneur or manage the accounts of a small to medium-size business, you know that collecting on past-due invoices is a nightmare. Fact is, some of your customers simply cannot, or will not pay. What do you do?

Until now, your options were limited. You could call in the professionals and assign the debt to a collection agency - and see maybe 5 to 10 cents on the dollar. Or you could go it alone and try to secure the money you're owed.

But do you really know how to start the collections process? What does an official past-due letter look like? How do you report someone to the credit bureaus? Can you report someone who has written you a bad check? How do you track down someone who is trying to avoid you?

Bill Collector In A Box™ lets you take control of your past-due invoices. Designed by an experienced collections professional, specifically for small-business owners, this cost-effective, easy to use software package puts years of expertise at your fingertips. It defines a methodology for you to follow and ensures you stay within the law so that you can quickly collect the money you are rightfully owed.

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Bill Collector In A Box™ is the ultimate collection solution for small business. We stand behind this statement with a Money Back Guarantee! DETAILS
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